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9660 elk grove florin road suite D
elk grove ca, 95624
united states

Caffeine and Kilos is a Sacramento based clothing company designed for the athlete and active lifestyle we all share. We take pride in the quality and comfort of our product to ensure you feel and look good while wearing it.  



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 Shop Caffeine and Kilos

Competition Program

10 minutes to find 1 RM snatch. 

Then, do 2 sets of 2 at 80% of that.


For time:

5 rope climbs

10 box jumps

50 double-unders

4 rope climbs

20 box jumps

50 double-unders

3 rope climbs

30 box jumps

50 double-unders

2 rope climbs

40 box jumps

50 double-unders

1 rope climb

50 box jumps

50 double-unders


Check out C&K Team Member Mark Bells Super Training TV for new information on how to get strong!