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Caffeine and Kilos is a Sacramento based clothing company designed for the athlete and active lifestyle we all share. We take pride in the quality and comfort of our product to ensure you feel and look good while wearing it.  


Balancing work life and fitness - Eli Cagan

Jacob McCormick

All I want to do is lift.


This whole blog thing is something that is new to me, and I need to perfect the writing style and how I want to tell my ongoing story.  A lot of people have asked for some insight into how I balance my passions with my work, and that got me started on a bigger tangent obviously.  So here goes:


Balancing an “active lifestyle” with work is pretty tough.  It takes dedication, persistence, routine, and extreme love for your passion(s).


My name is Eli Cagan.   I am a 24 year old average joe based out of San Francisco.  My life consists of mainly three, and sometimes four things.  Before I get into all of that, let me go into how and why I started this journey with the Snatch and Clean and Jerk.


In grade school, middle school, and high school, I was a basketball player.  A one trick pony.  A three-point shooter (sure, call me Steph).  I was by no means fast, strong, or especially gifted, but someone told me, “if you can shoot, you can play.”  I made that my mantra and anthem.  After getting to college, there was only so much a 5’10, 145 pound kid could do on a basketball court compared to the rest of the competition, and I got frustrated.  I stopped trying to play competitive basketball, and hit a rut during freshman year.  I started to spend more time in the gym, with a desire to get a little bigger and stronger, maybe to compete in basketball again or not, but never wanting to get worse than I already was.  I knew all of the kids were dunking on the team, so maybe squatting could get me there.  After lifting, working out, and trying my best, I still made little to no progress.  It was time to make a change – I took an abroad semester in Scotland.


When I landed in Scotland, I knew I wanted to meet some natives and make some cool friends, so I reached out to some new people the only way I knew how – I sent an email to captain@gumensbasketball (or something like that) with a bit of an explanation of who I was.  I can’t remember the entire email I sent, but the response was basically, “you’re American? Come try out for the varisty squad!”  So I did, and I made the team.  I was able to compete here, but I still needed to get stronger.  I spent many hours working out, eating, and eating more to make sure I could compete in this short blissful time I had to the best of my ability.  The fire was reignited.  After a few short months of basketball, chips and cheese, and whiskey, I was back home.  With a different goal – get strong or die trying.


Upon arrival back to PDX, I met one of my best homies in my life – Damian, here is your shot-out.  He introduced me to this weird guy named Rich Froning, but he was jacked and strong, so I figured it would be wise to do what he was doing.  One night after watching Rich Froning youtube vidoes, I found Jon North and Calstrength.  I was instantly hooked.  That is how the story started and how I find myself getting ready for a USAW Sports Performance certification after two years of focusing on the snatch and clean and jerk.  Going from 5’10 and 145 to 5’10 and 77kilos.  Going from barely snatching 85 pounds to snatching 85 kilos and clean and jerking 115 kilos.  I am not strong, fast, flexible, or athletic.  I am average.  And I love weightlifting.


Join me on my journey of getting strong.