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Jeff Lund - Our Alaskan Correspondent

Jacob McCormick

Below is a small glimpse into the life of our friend, Jeff Lund.  Over the next few months, you will be reading more from him and his life in Alaska.  He is a former colleague of our own, Danny Lehr, and also shares a little about one of their past journeys. 

Alaska is coffee country. 
Not sit and sip in a trendy café. No, it’s set the coffee timer for 3:30 a.m. the night before, then grab and go on your way to the dock for a day chasing king salmon on the ocean or on your way past the end of the road – where the adventure begins.   

It’s rugged up here, but if you’re in shape, there is no better place to test the work you’ve done in the gym. There are campsites you can drive to, but why do that when you can hike to the top of that mountain and camp where trees can’t grow? 
That’s our backyard.  

In June of last year 11 of us from Ketchikan CrossFit took a jet boat up the Stikine River past the Canadian border for a three-day float and camp nowhere close to civilization or cell phone reception. 

Workout, get out. That’s the mantra.  

Danny knows all about this. 
We worked together at East Union High School in Manteca. He and another friend twice came to experience Alaska during summer vacation. 
Every morning we went through a pot or two of coffee, a dozen eggs, spinach and a pound of bacon before heading out.
Danny’s favorite WOD was likely the Cooler Carry at the end of the day when we’d caught our limits of coho salmon – six each for a total of 18. It was a half-mile carry across rocky terrain to a steep, muddy trail with a cooler filled with half of the day’s catch. It sucked for sure, especially when wearing fishing waders, but you don’t think about those sort of things when you’re lugging fresh salmon back to the truck. 

I moved back to Alaska in 2013 to live the lifestyle year-round and haven’t looked back. Though I do appreciate a trip to the Lower 48 for some good buffalo wings. 


Jeff Lund is a freelance writer and high school English teacher. He writes a blog at and is the Co-Founder of LMT, a lifestyle fitness brand in Ketchikan, Alaska.